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Gua Sha Face Massager

Gua Sha Face Massager

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1.Ultra smooth surface will never hurt your skin
2.Helps to relieve facial tension and discourage fine lines and wrinkles.
3.Keep your skin elasticity, promote circulation and integrate natural energy.
4.Nature jade Massager stays cool in feel even in hot condition which gives you a smooth and comfortable feeling.


The color, floc, texture, and size of natural jade will be slightly different, and all are subject to the actual object. As the saying goes: ''Ten jade nine cotton, ten jade nine patterns''. There is a jargon in the jade world called ''Sky has clouds, jade has lines''! Jade is a special commodity. Natural things are rarely beautiful. Especially natural jade. The cotton, tendons, lines, and noise on the inside and surface are natural beauty. They are an important basis for authenticity. It belongs to the category of defects. Natural jade cannot be as beautiful as man-made glass, which is also the embodiment of the value of natural jade.


1. During the scraping operation of facial beauty and health care, the technique should be light and the main purpose is to make up. Before guasha, apply some beauty lotion or emollients to the face, such as guasha lotion, skin tenderizer, etc. After guasha, apply a hot towel to the face for a while

2. Gua Sha for facial beauty and health care can be performed once a day, Ten times for one course of treatment The treatments are separated by one week. If you insist on several treatments, you will receive satisfactory results.

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